How To Use Cheat packs?

This is Brand new Trick of Use "Cheat Packs" of Andromodd

You must need Rooted Device.

You must need Titanium Backup installed in your Device. 

Make sure you played games at-lease for five minits before use of "Cheat packes"

Make sure your game is properly closed before use of these cheat packs.

=>First of all Open "Cheat pack" folder where you will find some files of that Game.

=>Now follow below given steps which are given as for an Example to use Titanium backup App and hack your game.

1.Copy the files from that folder and paste them to "Titanium backup" folder in your SD. You will find "Titanium backup" folder in your SD card. See this example screenshot here.

2. Now open Titanium Backup app and click on "Backup/Restore".  

3. Now find there your "Your Game" . See Here This example of temple run brave so we used that game. see this example Screenshot here.

4. Now find there app you are looking for hack and click on it you'll find "Restore" button there. See this example Screenshot here.

5. Now you'll find "Data only"  click on it. See this example screenshot here.

6. That's it now launch your Game you'll have everything max.