Root/Unroot your ANDROID Device

Hi friends Here is 100% Working Tutorial to Root/Unroot your Android 2.1 to 4.0

It's New Rooting 100% working Trick. 

UnlockRoot23 is an easy one click Root/Unroot for most android devices starting from Android 2.1 to 4.0

Supported OS: WinXP/Vista/WIN7

Q. How to root my phone with unlockroot???

=> Click here and download unlockroot23.exe or you can visit official website of Unlockroot here.

=> After download it click on install and install it on your PC.

=> Click here to Download Drivers pack for debugging mode.

=> Connect your device to PC with enable Debugging mode.(Make sure you have installed debugging Driver)

=> After connecting your device with PC Click on root you can see it in this image click to see.

=> When you click on Root it'll Detect your handset with Your android version automatically than click on ok in prompt.

=> Now it will ask for restart your phone for further process so allow reboot click on ok in prompt.

=> That's it now when your phone is restarted you will find Installed Superuser app in your Phone automatically.

=> Congratulation Your phone is Successfully rooted now. enjoy power of rooted phone..!!!

=> You can check with root-checker app click here to download and check.

Note:This Rooting trick tested by me on my LGP500 with gingerbread 2.3.3 and working fine for me see this screenshot. I'm sure this thread you could Root/Unroot successfully good luck.
Click here to see my P500 after rooting.

Q. How to Unroot my phone with Unlockroot?

=> After connecting your phone with enable Debugging mode click on Unroot as shown in image at here.

=> That's it Unroot is also so easy.

Note: Friends be frank with you i not rooted my phone yet so don't know how to root.Please reply me whenever you Unroot your device with this trick.


  1. what is ROOT / UNROOT???

  2. Your device is already unrooted when you buy it.
    Root your device means give superuser access to your mobile.
    Rooting your device means unlock your device.

    Advantage of Rooted mobile.
    1. after root your mobile you can remove inbuilt system apps and it will help you to boost your internal storage.

    2. With the help of rooted device you can change your current original ROM and can use some custom ROMs like cynogenmod which will helps you to boost your Processor up to several MHz or GHZ.

    3. It will super access you to internal memory/data/data folder with the help of root explorer and with it you can change any app or games data.

    4. You can enjoy your device's hidden power after root it.

    5. along with this there are 100 more advantages of rooted phone.
    but there are some minor disadvanges too.

    1. ROOT access will void your warranty.

    2. There is some risk when you root your device coz you have to do all process correctly otherwise it may happened your phone will be bricked or damage. So do it at your own risk I say.

  3. when i root my phone one error is carry out which one is " FAILED TO GET SHALL ROOT! " so which is my next step plz help me...........

  4. Than Bad luck for you m afraid but when you get this type of error that means this trick wont work for you. i'll give you new trick soon.

  5. hi can this be used on a pc running win 8 64 bit?

    regards poppy ann